How to buy tickets
●How can I buy a ticket?
Click “Ticket” and fill out the required information, then hit “Send “. Someone from the Luncheon committee will get back to you. Then please send us your check by mail. Upon receipt of your check, we will send you your ticket. You can also reach one of us directly to buy tickets. We don’t accept credit card payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Refunds on your tickets
●Something came up and I no longer am able to attend the event. Can I get my money back?
For a refund, your request for cancellation must be received by June 7th, 2019. (6/7/2019)

Religion and gender of attendees
●Can men attend the luncheon?
Luncheon is open to anyone regardless of religion or gender.

●Do you provide childcare?
As a child care facility during the luncheon, we are happy to connect you to International Learning Academy which is close to the event site. If you have chosen to use International Learning Academy, please contact us at info.jcwl@gmail.com

●I want to sit with my friends. Are seats pre-assigned?
Yes, you can sit with your friends. No, all seats are unassigned. Please get seats for you and your friends after we open the door. (9:45AM~)

Lunch box
●What is the lunch menu? Do you offer special menus for those with allergies?
The lunch boxes are catered by a local Japanese restaurant. No alternatives are available.

Taking pictures/Shooting video
●May I take pictures / shoot video at the event site?
Pictures and videos are allowed only before and after the program. Please honor our request not to take pictures/videos during the program.

●Do you ask us for donations/contributions at the event site other than the ticket fee?
Yes. During the luncheon there will be an opportunity to make donations to help cover the expenses. The luncheon is financed from the ticket sales and your donations. It is getting more difficult financially each year to hold our event because of the rise in cost. We appreciate your generous donations. All donations and contributions are voluntary.

How to make donations/contributions
●I wanted to give a donation at the event but I didn’t bring cash. How can I make a donation?
We accept donations/contributions by check payable to JCWL. Also, donations/contributions can be sent to the address below at a later date.

910 Grant Ave. S
Renton, WA 98057

Receipt for donations/contributions
●Can I ask for a receipt for my donations/contributions?
Yes. For donations/contributions made by check, a receipt will be sent for your records at a later date. For cash donations/contributions, receipts will be sent upon request. If you request a receipt, please make sure to fill in your name, address and the amount on the envelope provided on your table.
Japanese Christian Women’s Luncheon is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donations/contributions are tax deductible.

●I don’t want to be invited to go to church.
Guest speakers and Luncheon committee members will not impose their beliefs on you. Please come and enjoy the event!

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